Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Friendly Photographer

In photography, we do not capture photos, we create them.

I am an EJ photographer but I cannot say that I am really that good at taking photos. I am not a professional photographer, which I wish I could be someday. It's just one of the things that I love doing.

My Nikon and I are best friends since December 25, 2008 and we get along pretty good. Not to mention all that we've been through especially during the Ondoy tragedy. Yes, we've been there.

My external hard drive crashed mid-last year. Unfortunately all my files are gone. To share some of my "well done" shots, here are some of the photos I took last year that I still have on my computer.

And you can see here my most used subject for my photography, lights.

As God's greatest creation, they deserved to be photographed.

Because they make one of the best photos ever!

God's creation, photographed!

Easy to capture. Just the angles that measures.

They stay still.

They have the most amazing colors! With one click, a number of colors splashes!

My favorite and most used subject of all time. Because lights can produce different kinds of effects on photos naturally.

So, what can you guys say? Not that much but they are something. Oh yeah.

I pretty much need a lot of improvement. As far as I can see, based on my photos, they are of the same angle. I hope I can learn how to capture at different angles though. Wish me luck on that.

PS. I am your friendly photographer. Just a tweet away! :)

-Tinay xx

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