Sunday, January 9, 2011

Forever treasured.

Friends are forever, cousins are for life!!!


Cousins by chance, friends by choice


Cousins are friends that will love you forever.

Constance Richards

Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.


A cousin is a ready-made friend for life.


Our pictures may fade, but our memories won’t.


These are just some of the many cousin-quotes I found over the net. And I found them very inspiring and, well, true in real life.

Thought about making a simple blog about the best Christmas season, yet! We haven't seen each other for 12 years and these photos explain how we miss each other and how stoked we are to see each other. But let me introduce to you first who these cousins I'm preferring to.

Meet Kuya Bryan. My oldest cousin in my mother side. Playmate since childhood. Been there, done that.

Meet Yoyo. Kuya Bryan's little brother. He's 12 and was born in America, so, basically, we haven't seen each other personally since they got here.

Meet Don. Before called, Mr. Bibo. And yes, still bibo. Very bibo. Famous with his "I dongk like."

Meet Denise. Don's little sister. She has this cute little voice that sounds so puny.

Meet Mark. He's so "bilot" that we hardly understand a thing he says. I love it when he calls Don, "Kuya Don!"

Meet MPaul. Mark's little brother. He's the cutest! Especially when he smiles. He barely talk and seldom cry. So cute! :)

And of course, my lovely sister, Jaja. As always, "maarte" pa rin, but in a such goodly way. Who loves Pikachu the same way I love her.

My "pasaway" little brother, Jessie, who's so good in making us laugh with his ready-to-go jokes and drum beats using his hands and feet.

We had so much fun together the whole Christmas season. We've been together since day 1 until the season's over. And you can't blame us if we miss each other that fast!

We've done this and that. We've gone clubbing, swimming, food tripping, drinking, dancing, jerking and all.

How could time fly so fast? It feels like they've just arrived and later this morning they left the vicinity. Why so fast? :(

I wish I could spend more time with them. Unfortunately, we can't. And we have no other choice. We are all now hoping to see each other for the next couple of years or maybe a year. *fingers crossed*

To lessen the sudden depression, we found hope because of Facebook and Skype. Thank God for social networking sites and online chatting.

During the whole time that we're all together, it seemed so perfect. Nothing else mattered, except us. We had so much fun at everything we do! We all have the same interests, that's why we get along that fast.

Besides the people in here, what I'll miss too are our famous lines during the christmas break. Like the following, Where's tabay?, Keeew! Keeyaaaw! Meatball. Ubs ubs. You're a jerk. Oh shiyeeeet. Oh my gaaaaad. And a lot lot more!

Will definitely, and already, miss them.

And, and, and! I have something for you guys! I'll show it you when it's done. Arayt?

I love you cousins! See you very soon!

Thank God for cousins! :)

-Tinay xx

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