Monday, February 14, 2011

15-day 5 Challenge: Day 1

I love doing day challenges, but sad to say I haven't finished any single challenge. Boo!

Maybe this time I can! With this new 15-day 5 challenge, I will make sure that I can accomplish any kind of challenge.

Let's see. I started today. Mark Feb14 as my day 1. Here's the post! Click here.

And maybe you wanna try too, here ya go!

5 basic facts about you
5 not-so-basic facts about you
5 ways you break the ice
5 signs that you’re into someone
5 signs that you’re NOT into someone
5 things you do when you’re bored
5 things that make you hyper
5 things you’re known for
5 things you want to do
5 things you’ll never do
5 good things about you
5 bad things about you
5 ways to make you cry
5 ways to win your heart
5 things you need to say

-Tinay xx

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