Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Hunting

Got to visit Bookay Ukay today with Aya! Yay! Huge thanks to Saab Magalona's blog post about this (but somehow the link to her blog post isn't working at the moment).

Aya and I had lunch at UST before leaving for Bookay Ukay. Rode the Fairview fx and unload at Tandang Sora. Jeep until UP village. We're lost! Asked for directions. Got into UP ikot jeep. And guess what, get to ikot UP for two rounds. Hahaha. The driver forgot to drop us by Krus na Ligas. Hahaha. Joyride much. :)) Tric from Krus na Ligas until Maguinhawa street, exactly infront of Bookay Ukay.

The place is not that visible from the street. There's no banner or tarp that say's they're Bookay Ukay. So we had to ask some people who's staying in Box o Rice which is just infront of Bookay Ukay. And there it is! Just a few stairs away!

Here's a little sneak peak of what the place looks like.

See. They've got a huge number of books here.

And this wall, I just love it! Now I have an idea what my room would look like. *bats eyes*

Of course, here are some books that got my attention.
I bought this one though.

For children of all ages!

You know you love me. XoXo

For future reference. Hahaha!

Algebra and an Arab man?

Pokemon! Gotta have it!

Saw this just beside the sofa. For photography.

Aya found this near the counter. Strange.

Aya gave this to me. She said it's for me, but nah, I think it's for Alex and Ponzi. Hahaha.

Plus some random stuff I found.
Harry Potter and the he-who-shouldn't-be-named figurines. Hermoine and Ron, they have it here too.

The old-but-never-gets-too-old typewriter just lying on the floor.

VHS! Anyone who still has some of these at home, keep 'em! They're to treasure.

Kamikazee poster with their messages and signatures. They've been here? That's effin cool!

And we couldn't let this pass without taking photos including us.


Books I bought.
Goosebumps! The kind of books I read back in my elem years! Too bad all of them got lost. :(

Spent 280php for 5 books. Not bad eh? 80php for the Goosebumps, 40php Pokemon, 80php Coffee something, 40php for both The New Girl and If You Only Knew books.

The cheapest price? 10 PESOS!

I think Aya bought 3 or 4 books for herself. After the almost 2-hour stay in Bookay Ukay, gone straight to Trinoma for a little merienda time. Was planning to visit Alex cause she's sick and she lives just a few walks away from Trinoma but failed to. Instead, we had merienda at Burger King. Mushroom Swiss for the win! And found ourselves looking for books again. Haha!

Books hunting, Trinoma bound.

Who would have thought that after we bought a number of books at Bookay Ukay we still managed to buy another book here in Trinoma. But! It really was a good book. Some book a child of two wonderful parents should have. :)

Aya and I really had fun today! Gone from one place to another. One shelf of books to another. We even got lost but got right back on track.

Time alloted for our books is until the end of march. Planning to go back to Bookay Ukay on April, just before the summer class starts. I'm so stoked already! Can't wait!

-Tinay xx

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