Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekends Never End!

"What makes you super excited about the weekends?"

Besides from not having school, no boring class discussions, no waking up early, no quizzes to study the night ahead and no homeworks to be done, there are a lot of reasons why I love weekends!

I get to hang-out with my friends right after school on Fridays! Knowing that there's no school the next day. Hurah!

I can sing at the top of my lungs without worrying about my homeworks.

I can play volleyball/football and be sweaty without thinking about school.

I can play my guitar until my fingers hurt.

I can watch movies all day! With my collection of almost a hundred of movies, I can stay up all day and all night watching them. Simply means, movie marathon!

I can PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG! Knowing that I don't have school the next day, I can stay up all night dancing and drinking!

And of course, I can stay in front of the computer all day and all night! Surfing the net all daaay feels so gooooooood! 

TADAAA! There's tons of things to do during the weekends. 2-day weekend is never enough to do all these things.

Sunday Mass. Don't forget to go to the church every Sunday!

Excited much? I AM!!!

-Tinay xx

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