Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our tech-obsessed generation

Everyone's talking about Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube! What has happened to our generation?

MTV generation has gone far away. Welcome to the Tech-Obsessed generation!

People a lot these days are not anymore fond of talking or hanging out personally. With the use of these social networking sites, they ended up snuggling at home with their hands busy tapping the keyboard or their phones.

Where are all the face-to-face socialization at?

Reality people. This is reality.

Everyone has gone mad with socializing online. Whatever happened to real-life socializing.

I have to admit that I can surely relate myself to the video clip shown above.

I bring my smartphone and my iPod with me everywhere. With the help of my BlackBerry, I can tweet and update my facebook everywhere I go. But I, fortunately, no matter how addicted I am with twitter, is not obsessed with it. I tweet, yes and addicted to it, but I know when and where I should tweet and update. I don't tweet everything I do nor tweet every single time.

Yes I blab a lot on twitter but not as much as the girl on the video clip. I still hang-out though!

Social networking sites are beyond their expectations already, I guess. They turned human beings to tech-obsessed bodies slowly but surely.

But I guess it's not yet too late to change, is it? We still have access to say "no" and the will to control what we wanted to do.

Now, what can you say?

-Tinay xx

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