Monday, September 12, 2011

Got into Pottermore!

Was accepted to Hogwarts last August 3, 2011. And Pottermore named me as HazelDust7.

Pottermore began sending confirmation e-mail to those who passed the 6 days of finding the magic quill after the given 6 days of registration.

I was so stoked to get my confirmation e-mail! I wanted to see what's inside Pottermore early so I can explore Hogwarts and the life of Harry Potter deeper.

So, Pottermore is likely an interactive world of Harry Potter. You get to play the role of a wizard or a witch wherein you're schoolmates with Harry, Ron and Hermione. You may even got to be in the same house as they are.

And finally today, I got my confirmation e-mail! Been waiting since their day 1 of sending off e-mails!

Here's my confirmation e-mail.

After I received my e-mail, immediately explored Pottermore.

Finished chapters 1 to 5 already of the Sorcerer's Stone.

Went to Gringotts to get some galleons. Went to Diagon Alley to go shopping for my school supplies, wizard style. And got my own wand! It's a silver lime with unicorn core, ten and a quarter inches, slighty yielding. I love my wand! Unicorn core, yaaay!

Here's getting into Gringotts wizard bank. Got 500 galleons from my vault.

Welcome to Diagon Alley! Let's do some wizard shopping!

Before I go to Hogwarts, I need to buy stuff that I will be needing, and here's my shopping list.

One of my favorite stores in Diagon Alley is Flourish & Blotts where I get to buy books regarding magic.

And of course! One of the things only a wizard/witch has, a wand! Here's what mine looks like.

Pretty isn't it? Getting into Pottermore.

I can't wait to be sorted! I wonder which house I'll be placed. Tomorrow I shall know!

Can't stop exploring Pottermore but I really have to go. Hahaha. Well, there's always a tomorrow. So there.

-Tinay xx


  1. I envy you. Still waiting for the e-mail. :(

  2. I know how you feel. I was one too. But don't worry, you'll get yours! :)