Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harry Potter inspired weddings

You know how the name "Harry Potter" catches my attention.

This wedding will be mine in the future! Hahaha. I waaaaaant! I'm so inggit. It's like I wanna get married this instant. Hahaha.

Saw this site about two couples who had their weddings Harry Potter inspired. Let's read a little background about them why they chose Harry Potter as their wedding theme and some photos during their wedding.

Christine and Andy's Wedding
The first features a couple that actually met because of Harry Potter! Christine and Andy met online through a post about Harry Potter news, so it seemed only natural for their wedding to be influenced by the series.

Invitation! Look closely, there's Hedwig on the seal. :)

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

Welcome to the Forbidden Forest.

It all reminds us of Godric's Hallow.

It's Hermione's time turner, a glass of butterbeer, Neville's toad and Gryffindor's lion.

Now this is wizard-y,  it's the sorting hat and a number of wands as souvenirs. Cool!

Which table house will you be sorted?

The lovely Great Hall of Hogwarts.

A toast to the very Harry Potter-inspired wedding!

And our second couple!

Spectra and Sawyer's Wedding
Spectra and Sawyer's wedding featured a Honeydukes candy buffet, butterbeer, and of course more magic wands. We love the attention to detail here—wait til you see the ceremony program!

The lovely couples themselves.

The guests with their own wands.

Is that Mrs. Weasley?

Look! It's a felix felicis or the luck potion, plus Hedwig and Pigwidgeon to deliver the messages, and the Marauder's Map, some ink and quill and the cake. All Harry Potter!

Inspired by the Bill and Fleur's wedding at the Burrow.

Special treats from Honeydukes!

How lovely are these. I want one like this too. Someday. I know I will. Someday. :)

-Tinay xx


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