Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Harry Potter should have ended

Was browsing through Twitter and found this link about Harry Potter. You know how fast my eyes work the instant I see the words "Harry Potter." Immediately clicked the link and found this video that goes with it.

I have to say, it was a brilliant ending. Genius.

What if JK Rowling did think of that? Snape didn't die and went back to the past and killed Tom Riddle the day Dumbledore asked him to come to Hogwarts. What if?

I think the part where Snape turned the Time-Turner 200,000+ times was funny. Hahaha. It should have took him days before he was able to finish turning. Haha.

And that part where Snape shot Voldemort with a gun. Wizards and guns? Funny! Hahaha.

It's kinda funny though but it could mean a lot.

All you Harry Potter fans out there, what can you say? Or do you have any alternative ending?

-Tinay xx