Sunday, October 16, 2011


Went to Divisoria today to go christmas tree decor shopping with Yayen and Mama.

Ended up buying these stuff. Hahaha. They're so cute! Can't resist!

 I want to share my happiness with you dear readers! :)

MAC Wonder Woman mascara. Ako pala si Wonder Woman, just thought you should know. :P #happiness1

THESE! I'm going to collect these. Hopefully. :)

Plus, a dozen of cute post-its. Currently obsessed with post-its. :) #happiness2

Did our Christmas tree this afternoon. I designed it! My first time to do it alone. Haha. #happiness3
 Had donut and iced coffee for merienda before getting busy for the Christmas tree.

First look.

FINISHED product!

Toys! #happiness4
The photo above is my Nikon D40 which I haven't named yet for the past 3 years. Haha.

And this is Nikon D7000. New as of Oct.11. Woohoo! Ganda!

Happy Christmas everyone! :)


-Tinay xx