Saturday, October 22, 2011

I need cash!!!


It's what I've been asking for!

You see I almost lose all hope of seeing them live coz they've been here in Manila last 2008 and I didn't get to see them. And the chance of getting international bands to play again is the same as you-won't-see-them-ever-again.

So when I saw this photo on facebook, I was all ^_____________^ Now this is a must-watch!

It's like a dream come true! I never thought they'd come back. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer.

I'm pretty sure that 2012 is going to be a blast! With Simple Plan starting my year, what more could I ask for?

Plus! The Summer Set is going here too! OMG! They'll be here in February, by the way Simple Plan is on January 12. Month after month of awesome bands. Let's do this!

I'll. Get. To. See. Stephen. Gomez. Oh. My. God. He is the sex god of all the bassists in the world! Dreams really do come true.

Talking about cash. I have two concerts in line to go to. And I need all the cash I can get. I need all the side lines or stuff like that that I can get to incur money. Pleeeease shower me tons of cash this November! My goal is to reach 4500php until Paskuhan so I can buy the Patron VIP ticket to Simple Plan. But, if I really can't save that much of money, then whatever money I have until Paskuhan, that'll be the amount of ticket that I will buy. I hope I can get to 4.5k till Paskuhan. Please pray for me!

Now, tell me, is 2012 really the end of the world? For me, it's just the beginning. Can't wait! :)

-Tinay xx

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