Monday, January 30, 2012


This was trending on twitter for a couple of days. But not until now. Haha. Just want to make this post to share my own thoughts. Yea. So I'm just basically sharing. Read if you're interested and you may leave if you're not. Doesn't matter. :)

10) I started playing volleyball when I was in grade 5.
As far as I can remember the reason why I started playing volleyball was because I was inspired by the girls and boys I used to watch at the Palarong Pambansa when I was in grade 5. And that started it all.

9) I learned how to play the guitar when I was in grade 6.
I don't know how I started or what triggered me to play the guitar. Haha. But I am so glad I know how to. Only few girls can. :)

8) One of my pet peeves is seeing cars with white head lights.
These things can cause accidents! So if you know anyone who uses white head lights, please do tell them to change it. Too nakakasilaw!

7) Every Friday is milk tea day.
This practice only started this January. Mejo magastos but carry naman. I just love milk tea!

6) I'm a music junky. I love different kinds of music in different ways.
My genre is rock and pop rock. But that doesn't stop me from liking other genres too. I know how K-Pop music is all around the Philippines today but I just don't get it. I guess I don't really like them.

5) I seldom use my phone for texting.
True. Hahaha. I don't even know why I have one. Maybe just to keep in touch with people but not that katext type of person.

4) I love England. Someday I want to live there.
Everything about England is lovable! Peter Pan is made based on England. Harry Potter is from England. One of my favorite series, Skins, is from England. One of my favorite boys, One  Direction, is from England. The beautiful clock tower known as Big Ben is located in England. And many beautiful people came from England. What a beautiful place to be.

3) I'm a shy person.
Isn't it obvious? I don't talk that much. Unless I'm with someone whom I am so comfortable with.

2) I keep too many secrets to myself.
And that's a secret!

1) I love One Direction.
These boys are making me happy nowadays. Most especially the sexy beast Harry Styles. My dear Lord he's really gorgeous. I love his curls! Hahaha. These boys are uhmayzhing! Not only they look good, but they can really sing. Like actually sing sing. I listen to their album everyday! It only makes me fall in love with them even more. <3

That was fun! Hahaha. Maybe I can share more some other time. When I got nothing to blog maybe. Haha. See ya! :)

-Tinay xx

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