Friday, January 11, 2013

Golden hits!

Check out my blog's current hits, it's over 50K! Wohooo! Thank you so much for visiting my blog even if I don't update it much these days.

I actually just made this blog post to celebrate my 50K hits, nothing special feature really. But since you are reading this and someone else might be reading this, let me share to you the top 5 songs I've been listening to this past few days.

1. Raspberry Girl - Chicosci
I'm a HUGE Chicosci fan! Just in case you don't know yet. Here's their newest single! Can't wait for the music video!

2. Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
My new feel good song! Every time I listen to it everything suddenly feels good. Ganda lang ng beat!

3. They Don't Know About Us - One Direction
My favorite song from their new album Take Me Home. Those voices. Damn.

4. Kiss You - One Direction
Their newest single! Plus their new music video! I love how the music video doesn't have any girls in it. Just 5 boys being themselves. Best mv yet. :)

5. Pitch Perfect Soundtrack - Various Artists
Been so curious with the movie Pitch Perfect since the Christmas break. And last Tuesday, I was able to see it. Finally! Now I know what the fuss is all about. Will do a separate blog about it soon. :) Here's a complete soundtrack from the movie. Love it so much! <333

Once again, thank you for ever visiting my blog. Sound trip lang tayo. :)

Thank you thank you thank you! <3
Tinay xx

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