Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let's all match pitch

Have you seen the movie Pitch Perfect? Everyone's been talking about it so why don't we give it a try!

My sister and I had the chance to see it last Tuesday night because we didn't have school last Wednesday. So anyway. We've been so curious about this movie for quite a number of weeks already that's why we really need to see it. Immediately.

And viola! It really is worth the watch. Even worth a 100000x watch! I've been seeing a lot of tweets from people that they're watching Pitch Perfect for the 4th time and the like. I mean with a feedback like that who wouldn't get curious right?

Plus if you're a huge music lover (who isn't anyway), this movie is a must-seen for you. For me it was perfect, just from the title itself though.

Here's the trailer of the movie just in case you got curious too.

Right after you watch this movie, I'm sure you'll find yourself listening to their songs on YouTube. And later you'll even download them. =p

It's just the Saturday evening! You might want to watch it later or tomorrow. Enjoy! :)

If you have seen it, what can you say about it?
Tinay xx


  1. I've seen the movie and as a music freak I totally loved it. I forgot the name of the leading actress but I must say she's kind of my favorite since I first watched her in Twilight. I didn't expect her to have a nice singing voice. Love her Titanium in acapella :)

    1. At first I thought she was in Alice in Twilight but I realized she was Jessica, Bella's friend. :) True! I didn't know she has that wonderful voice inside of her. :)