Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am not an Audrey Hepburn fan. I don't appreciate her fashion sense. Not right after I watched her movie Sabrina. *scratch the first two sentences*

In our Humanities course, we were asked to make a critique paper on a classical movie and a modern movie. Instantly thought about Harry Potter for my modern movie, specifically the Goblet of Fire because it's my favorite HP movie among the seven HP movies.

I was having a hard time on what classical movie I should work on. I love watching movies, yes that's a fact, but I don't watch classic movies. I thought about the movie "Sound of Music" and remembered it was a classical movie. But then again, one of my classmates has it already. Nice try.

One weekday night, I was browsing Google for worth-watching classical movies. And there I found Audrey Hepburn's movie "Sabrina."

At first I thought it was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I was so stoked to watch it because it's merely similar to Harry Potter because of the wizard-witch connection. Later I found out that it was a love story and not witches with broomstick and magic wands.

Last night I watched Sabrina before I went to sleep. And there it goes ...

I loved it! Never thought I'd spend an hour and a half just to watch a classic movie, at the same time it's in black and white! It's pretty awesome though. Just lovely! Audrey Hepburn is so pretty! The way she moves, she's so graceful. I love the way she talks, cute accent.

About the story, it was good. It was really a classic love story in which we seldom see in today's modern love story. There really is a gap between the classic and the modern movies. Another thing, I loved it because one of the settings is on Paris. They showed the lovely Eiffel Tower on the movie. Plus point for that movie!

The thing is, I didn't like the ending that much. I thought she'd end up with the guy I wanted her to end up with. But naaah. She chose the other guy. Well, it's a classic love story after all.

If you wanna see the movie you can download a torrent copy here. Note: it's really in black and white. And this one's a good copy. Go help yourself. :)

You may want to see the trailer.

-Tinay xx

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