Tuesday, March 22, 2011


#100factsaboutme is a trending hashtag on Twitter for a couple of days already. So I thought, why not? Imma give it a try.

I've wanted to do it on Twitter but that's equivalent to 100 tweets! And my followers and friends might get annoyed and say, "who cares?" So I decided to just blog about it.

100. I've watched all Harry Potter movies, besides the Deathly Hallows part 2 of course.

99. I collect straws of different shapes, colors and styles.

98. I am a morning and night person.

97. I hate texting.

96. My favorite vegetable is kangkong.

95. I changed my twitter name once, but for a cause, and changed it back to its original name.

94. I am a huge Lakers fan.

93. I have read the 4 Twilight books.

92. I enjoy hanging out at the beach.

91. I rather it be sunny than rainy.

90. I love it when a guy can sing and play the guitar at the same time.

89. Chicken used to be my favorite food, when I was little of course.

88. I still hate you for giving up on me.

87. I am not a good singer but I love singing.

86. I started playing the guitar in grade6.

85. Once in my life I was a part of the Naga Rondalla club, where I get to play banduria and octavina.

84. I love dancing.

83. I prefer swimming in the pool than in the beach.

82. Phineas and Ferb series makes me happy.

81. I'm not like any other girly girls.

80. I hate skirts.

79. I can speak, write and understand Chinese.

78. I was in a Filipino-Chinese catholic school from kinder 1 until 4th year highschool.

77. I believe in signs and signals.

76. I hate waking up early.

75. I love going to parties.

74. Chocolates with peanuts/almonds are my weakness.

73. I want to be a famous photographer someday.

72. I used to draw on large bundle of papers.

71. During my childhood, I used to spend my summer in Pangasinan.

70. I bought a JCS cassette tape during their time of fame.

69. The first international concert that I've been to was the David Cook-Archuletta concert.

68. I love designing with photoshop.

67. I am obsessed with the color green.

66. My friends call me Tinay but at home they call me Shawee.

65. I cried on that Pokemon scene where Pikachu had to leave Ash to stay with the other Pikachus.

64. I love taking photos of myself.

63. My work place is a mess.

62. UST is my dream school since I was in the elementary.

63. I had a number of blog sites before but I promise that this one's the one that's gonna last.

62. I am the new Arts Editor for EJ next school year.

61. I love the company of books. They keep me preoccupied.

60. I have downloaded a hundred of movies from torrent.

59. Among those hundred of movies, I've seen not almost half of it.

58. I have the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Starbucks planners.

57. But I didn't have the chance to fill them up. Only the first two months and no more.

56. I have to admit, I'm a twitter addict.

55. I love how I get factual infos from Tumblr.

54. My facebook account is old. Made it when I was in fourth year high school.

53. I have abandoned my friendster account, but I haven't deleted it yet.

52. I love dogs and I hate cats.

51. I love Disney movies. I think they really do inspire a lot of children, including me.

50. I can stay up all day and night in front of a computer.

49. I use my iPod mostly for internet, music and movie, not really for playing.

48. I hate it when my friends think they know everything.

47. I don't believe in love at first sight.

46. I can easily memorize the lyrics of a song just by listening to it for a number of times.

45. I can tune a guitar.

44. I want to learn how to play the drums.

43. I want to have a band of my own.

42. I am not a fan of American series.

41. Volleyball and basketball are my favorite sports.

40. My stuffed Pikachu is turning 11 this year.

39. I love fashion but sadly I can't afford it.

38. But I do believe that fashion is really not affordable, it is pure imagination.

37. I own different colors of nail polish.

36. I am hot tempered.

38. I was born on a Holy Thursday.

37. I wear boxers. Women boxers particularly.

36. I miss Bigg's!

35. Listening to Taylor Swift keeps me calm.

34. When I can't find the title of a song, I google its lyrics.

33. I miss NIECK.

32. I miss high school.

31. I wish I'd never grow up.

30. When I was in the elementary, I wish I had braces, and now I congratulate myself that I didn't get to wear any.

29. Someday when I have a family, I want two kids.

28. The first one is a boy and the second one's a girl.

27. After I graduate in college next year, I'm going to miss school.

26. I doodle lyrics when I'm bored.

25. When I wake up, I sometimes count the hours of my sleep.

24. I have a girl crush on Hayley Williams, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

23. I was never a fan of boxing.

22. My other pen name is Kyzsel.

21. Our pet dog Dectoy has facebook.

20. I want to go to Disneyland someday.

19. I'm turning 20 this Monday.

18. I easily get cold.

17. I fractured my left hand last November.

16. This ring that I always wear is from my parents.

15. I wish I was taller, and slimmer.

14. My favorite number, besides 28, is 6.

13. March is my second favorite month.

12. I'm a cry baby.

11. I used to collect Candy magazines and WITCH magazines.

10. I can solve the rubik's cube.

9. I hate sleeping in the afternoon.

8. I still love watching cartoons and I am not ashamed of it.

7. I want to work on a popular magazine company someday.

6. I love my family more than anything.

5. The first original cd that I bought was of Hale's first album.

4. My favorite candy is Dynamite.

3. My favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road, just like Miggy.

2. I am currently broke.

1. I love pizza!

THERE! Finally! Learned something about me? Well that's nice!

Thank you for reading. Haha! :)

-Tinay xx

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