Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Paramore Concert Experience

I was supposed to write this blog last night but 2 of my blockmates stayed for the night here at my place, so, I wasn't able to. But, here I am, blogging!


It has been a year since my first Paramore concert! Hopefully not my first and last though.

Paramore is my favorite band of all time. (You don't know me if you don't know that.) I've never wanted a band like them, ever. Not that Hayley's really pretty and sings so good and all, but the band itself, I love them! Their songs have been one of my inspirations. Until now they continue to inspire me.

The time I heard that Paramore will have a concert here in Manila, no second thoughts, I HAVE TO GO TO THAT PARAMORE CONCERT. First and last thought. Since then, that Paramore concert is the best concert I've been to. Nothing more, nothing less.

I had the time of life that night. I was singing at the top of my lungs. Never thought that I'd be able to sing Paramore songs together with Hayley live. I must say, BEST NIGHT EVER.

I spent my own money to buy the 4k Paramore ticket. That's how desperate I am to see the band of my dreams!

Who would have thought that after a year I still can't get over of what happened. I remember every single detail of what happened that night.

All the screaming. PARAMORE! PARAMORE! HAYLEY! HAYLEY! That band. That girl. Everything about them is to be loved.

I'm pretty sure that they'll consider coming back here in Manila, what do you say? :)

I have my own copy of videos on that night, and here is where Paramore sang my favorite Paramore song, That's What You Get. And bare with it cause I was busy singing my favorite Paramore song. I got all starstruck!

 And here are some of the shots I made. I used only my digital camera cause SLR's are not allowed inside the concert vicinity.

My first shot of Hayley!


Meet my idol, Hayley Williams!

Taylor York.

Justin York, Taylor's brother. Too bad Josh wasn't here.

Jeremy Davis.

And Zac Farro.


And a whole lot more! I badly want to see them live again. Next time! There will be a next time!

I LOVE YOU PARAMORE. Paramore is (still) a band.

-Tinay xx

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