Friday, March 25, 2011

My plans so far.

I'm leaving Manila tonight. FINALLY! I've been counting days since the 1st of March.

I'll arrive Naga first thing in the morning of the 26th. Family day of course.

Sunday. Family day too, obviously.

Monday. No plans yet. But I will visit the church coz it's "the birthday."

Tuesday. No plans yet. Guess I should meet my bestfriend here.

Wednesday. Jaja's graduation! Basically, family day.

Thursday. No plans yet.

Friday. No plans yet.

Saturday. Jaja's grad party and "the birthday" party.

Sunday. Family day.

Monday. No plans yet. Might go Clubm8-ing.

Tuesday. No plans yet. If no Clubm8 last Monday, might go tonight.

Wednesday. Sad day. Going back to Manila, only means that vacation's over. :((

So people in Naga! Help me make my plans. Let's hang-out while we still can! Coz I'll be staying in Manila for the whole summer for summer classes. Bummer.


-Tinay xx

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