Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas wish list #4 - #8

First of all I want to apologize in advance because I admit that I won't be able to commit to my promise. :((

But I will still be posting my 12 Christmas wish list, unfortunately it won't be in individual posts anymore. On the contrary, I was able to post 3 in 3 separate blogs, #1, #2 and #3.

Let me begin-slash-continue from 4 to 8...

4) Mikasa volleyball

I can't find my mikasa volleyball, that's why I can't play volleyball. I badly need one so I can flex my muscles again!

5) Green aztec bag

Wala lang. Sabay sa uso lang. =p

6) iPad black and white sticker

Not really this design though. I can't find the perfect design that I want but I'd choose a deck of cards iPad sticker in black and white. That would be so cool!

7) Boyfriend

Para hindi na malamig ang pasko ano ba! Hahaha. I kid! I kid! Was just kidding. I just want these men. *drools*

8) iPhone 5

Who doesn't anyway? Pero hanggang wish list ka na muna.

I'll cope up with the remaining 4! These will do for now. :)

Which of these do you want for Christmas too?
Tinay xx

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