Saturday, December 1, 2012

We'll Always Have Summer

Have you heard of the Summer trilogy books? If you haven't, you may read my short book reviews about the first book here and the second book here while the third book review is this blog post itself.

"Her whole life, Belly has been in love with the Fishers. Susannah was like a second mother to her, Conrad was her first love, and Jeremiah was her first real boyfriend. Now, after two years, Jeremiah gets down on bended knee and offers Belly what she has always be Belly Fisher.

As Jeremiah and Belly head back to Cousins Beach to plan their wedding, Conrad comes home to tell Belly he made a mistake when he broke her heart. Now Belly must confront her feelings for Jeremiah and Conrad and face a truth she has possibly always known: She will have to  break one of their hearts."

Sounds very interesting, right? This last book is way better than the second book. I even cried in some parts of the book T_T Especially the part where Conrad is confessing his feelings for Belly. I will definitely miss Belly and Conrad and how Conrad will always have a part on Belly's heart. It's such a cute love story, childhood love story until they grew up. So cute!

There were a lot of twist in the book. Like I thought the wedding wouldn't push through. Like I thought she would be married to Conrad instead of Jeremiah. Like I thought there would be no wedding in the Cousins Beach and so much more! It will make your mind crazy thinking about all the possibilities!

I was able to finish the book last Thursday afternoon while I was in the waiting line for UST Med to submit my requirements. I'm on my way to cry already but I couldn't. I'm in a public place! Hahaha. Imagine the force! =)))

I'm going to miss the Cousins Beach! And the summer love <3

Rate: 5/5

Next book to read: Paper Towns by John Green

Have I convinced you to read the trilogy too?
Tinay xx


  1. Great activity I guess. I wish to spend time in reading books again too. :)

    Congrats also in passing the LET, Kristine! :)

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    1. Yes please! Books are a good escape from reality.
      Aww. Thank you dear. :)

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