Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas wishlist #2

I know it took me too long to post this but, here it is! It's better late than never. :p

2) A dog!

My heart has this very soft spot when it comes to dogs. They're the best bestfriend a man could ever have. And I want one for myself, too. I don't know what specific breed I want, basta it has to be this cute! Like this puppy above. So adoooorbs! Saw this photo on facebook and I couldn't resist not saving it on my hard drive. Nakakgigil! I could spend days just playing with my dog. Yes, I can do that. It'll be a lot of fun! :)

I promise to keep up with my blog posts. Been reaaaaaaaaaaaally busy with school lately. Gotta go! Hafta study for my biology lec class tomorrow pa! Siningit ko lang talaga to while waiting for my uploads to finish. :)

So adorable right? :)
Tinay xx


  1. OH MY GASH!!! I really want a dog too!! i always get jelly when i see pet owner with their dog..

    1. Same here! There's just something about dogs that always makes us smile. :)