Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas wishlist #3

Good morning! I'm blogging at 6:21 in the morning. I woke up in between my weird dream around 4:30. Then I couldn't go back to sleep for reasons I don't know. Started fixing my loser iPod then. So, while updating, I had to blog and keep up with my Christmas wishlist blog posts. It's supposed to be day 7 already but I'm still in day 3. School's been so demanding lately. Barely have a time to blog anymore.

3) Comic Alley's Pikachu Jacket

You should know how much of a Pikachu fan I am. S/he is my favorite cartoon character ever! I even have a Pikachu stuff toy that I have for almost 14 years already!

I saw this Pikachu jacket at Comic Alley last October, before I went home to Naga. If I'm not mistaken it costs around 1,500 pesos. This isn't the exact photo of the jacket though. I couldn't find the exact Comic Alley Pikachu jacket online so I ought to something close to it. So what are you waiting for! Hahaha. =)) Would love to have one this Christmas. :)

Do you love Pikachu too?
Tinay xx