Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Diamond Hotel for Christmas Photoblog

Should've blogged about this a long time ago. Same old, same me, backlogging again.

We've been at Diamond Hotel for what knows how many times already. This year alone, it's our 4th and on a Christmas season. Instead of blogging about all the adventures and stuff, I'll just be doing a photoblog. Let the photos speak for themselves. :)

It was on a school day actually, December 7. At the same time, it was a Yellow Day in UST.

And because it's a Friday, expect heavy traffic. That's why we arrived at Diamond Hotel at nearly sunset already.

I was busy watching the UST-ADMU PCCL basketball championship game the instant we arrive. WE WON BABY!

This the reason why we're in yellow :)

Just after balls, craft time!

Buffet time!

Even met some of the soccer boys from Azkals!

Plus Phil Younghusband himself! :)

Good morning!

It's freezing cold inside the room.


That'll do! More Diamond Hotel adventures next year and the year after that! Can't wait! :)

What can you say?
Tinay xx


  1. nxt adventure @ diamond hotel nxt year is now in my planner(starbucks)..♥...

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