Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas break 2011

Well hello there well-deserved-break! Last push for the year! Spent two weeks of pigging out in my beloved hometown, Naga.

First day. December 20, 2011.
Went to Naga Cathedral to see the flying lanterns.
Starbucks before the show.

December 21, 2011.
Went to Beanbag with the family.

December 22, 2011.
Had dinner at Mexicali with Mom, Dad and Piye.
I love these kinds of food!

December 24, 2011.
Christmas eve.
I have a separate blog for this one.
Just click here.

December 25, 2011.
 Mama's birthday. Had dinner at The Park, SM branch.
Plus fireworks. :)

This is our belen at home. Pretty! :)

December 26-28, 2011.
I can't remember what I did. Hahaha. =)))

December 29, 2011.
Had lunch with Bege.
Then saw the movie Segunda Mano. Oh Miggy! <3

At 9pm of December 29, went out with my close friends, Ijei, Nicole, Princess, Myla, Gian, Neville and Jojo. Went from Bora Hut then The Tent. Spent the rest of the night drinking and talking. Was supposed to go clubbing at Clubmate but the crowd's boring so we decided to go home at 2am. 

December 30, 2011.
House party! Chibugan naaaa!

December 31, 2011.
New Year's Eve.
Had merienda at SM Bigg's.
Went to Avenue Square to buy some pizza from Shakey's for media noche.

New Year's eve photos are on a separate blog, together with the Christmas eve. Just click here.

January 1, 2012. 
Went to a mini-party organized by my cousins and friends.
We stayed there form 2 am to 6 am! Define fun!
Posted it on a separate blog, here.

Before leaving Naga, I had to go out with my bestfriend for one last time. Spent the whole night with Ijei at Moonleaf tea shop from 9pm to 12am on January 1. Still posted on a separate blog. Just click here.

January 2, 2012.
So long sweet Naga. Off to Manila we go!

It may not be the perfect nor the best Christmas break for me, but at least I get to spend it with my family and close friends. One word that describes my 2011 Christmas season: BROKE! Hahaha. :))

And for the record, I didn't have too much alcohol during this break. I had a lot coffee! Hahaha. I drink alcohol for only twice or thrice only and the rest was coffee. Not too much milk tea and soda too. Just coffee.

What a way to end the year 2011! It was fun having lots of ups and downs, well more downs actually. 2011 is not the year for me. If I were to give a scale with 10 being the happiest and 1 being the saddest, it'll be a 3. So sad but true. I didn't enjoy 2011 that much. It was an offset year for me. And definitely boring.

So, hello 2012! Please be my year! Everything's so good so far. We'll see. ^^,)

-Tinay xx

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