Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moonleaf Naga

January 1, 2012. First day of the year.

Went to mass with my family at 6pm at the Basilica church. Then, home. Haha.

But then again, I was out at 9pm. It was my first time to try the new tea shop in Naga, Moonleaf. Though I had a few cups in Manila I know I had to try here also, maiba lang. So, I went to Moonleaf with my best friend Ijei, sister Jaja and her boyfriend Bats.

I have to say, wintermelon really is good. Love it! :)

 Meet my best fried in the world, Ijei! :)

Yes, we're vain like that.

Jaja and Bats.

I'll miss her so much. See you on summer!

Spent the rest of the night from 9 to 12 talking about a lot of stuff. You know how girls do that. Talked about a lot of "stuff." And when I say "stuff" that's a lot.

-Tinay xx

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