Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simple Plan Saved My Life

Currently on Twitter's top 7 trending topic in the Philippines and top 8 worldwide. How cool is that!

Simple Plan has always been a part of my childhood. I've always liked their songs Addicted, I'm Just A Kid, Shut Up, Perfect and more. They were hiatus for a long time and got back with their third album where I liked their songs When I'm Gone, Your Love is A Lie and more. And now, they're back with their fourth album, Get Your Heart On!

I was so happy that one of their songs, Can't Keep My Hands Off You, is included in the soundtrack of a Disney movie, Prom. I was hooked up with that song, until I learned about their song Jet Lag. If my iPod's on twitter, the song Jet Lag is the top trending topic. It was on always on repeat!

To admit it, I was in love with the song Jet Lag since then. Then I remembered how I loved the band Simple Plan since I was a child. I always dreamed of jumping and head banging with the band live, and this concert tour definitely made it happen.

The time I saw the poster, I was like, "DEFINITELY GOING THERE!" Was supposed to buy the VIP ticket which costs 4,500php but I got no one to go with.

In the end, decided to buy the upper box b ticket, one for me and one for Yayen. He had to accompany me. It was my treat. Hahaha.

I don't have any decent photo of them on stage because they look small back from where I was standing. But here are some. And the rest are photos I grabbed from Simple Plan Philippines website.

Arrived Araneta at exactly 8pm, just when Kamikazee is about to play their first song. Here's Kamikazee opening for Simple Plan.

At 9:10 in the evening, the band showed up! I was up on till then until the end of the show. I almost cried during the concert. I'm just so happy to see them live. It has always been my dream. I never thought I'd see them live.

The next time they'll be here, I'm be the one in front. I'll buy the most expensive ticket! Coz by that time I'm sure I have a job already and will really save up for Simple Plan. I love them like that!

I don't know what to say anymore. I'm just so happy. 

The following photos are not mine. :)


-Tinay xx

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