Monday, January 30, 2012

"Sana matapos na off-campus."

Has always been our favorite line since we started our shift for our off-campus training.

But the truth is, I miss everything about off-campus now that we're done. :(

First of all, I am not a good teacher. Nor an effective whatsoever thing teacher you can call me. I'm the just-do-whatever-you-want-to-teach-them kind of teacher. So I don't know if I really did well on my off-campus.

Whatever the case, I enjoyed it to the fullest! I learned a lot from this off-campus teaching I just had. This probably is the most memorable teaching experience I'll ever have, yet.

It was hard at first but as days go by, I got used to it already. I have to admit I always get nervous every time I step in to Ramon Magsaysay High School's gate. Hahaha. Trust me, I do.

I will miss everything about Monsay.
  • Late night preparation.
  • Counting the hours from our time card.
  • Having to rush after our EHS class to get to Monsay even if it's just a block away.
  • Asking my critique teacher what to do for the next day.
  • Going home late at night.
  • My students, especially from II Einstein and Edison.
  • Tusok-tusok moments before going home.
  • Having to take the stairs to get to the Math laboratory.
  • Math laboratory kulitan with Ponzi, Katre, Louise and Robert.

And more! There's so much more that I will miss about Monsay. :)

So, to everyone who have been a part of my off-campus teaching, my co-Math majors, my critique teacher, Monsay Math teachers, my students, thank you thank you very much! You will all be remembered.

Thank you for the memories. ^^,

Walang halong drama. I'm just saying. :))

-Tinay xx

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