Monday, April 2, 2012

21st birthday

Eff I'm old. But I still grasp on to that tiny hope that I don't really look like 21. Haha. I don't feel 21! I feel like I'm just a high school student looking for adventures. True.

Anyway, last March 28, 2012, I celebrated my 21st birthday. Horaaah for another year! But to tell you guys the truth, I didn't really feel my birthday cause what I was thinking the whole time was my graduation. Nonetheless I had a great time during my birthday. Thanks to the beautiful people who greeted me and remembered. :)

This is the last screen cap that I have in my iPod regarding my facebook notifications for my birthday.

The only gift I received that day was from my sister Jaja. Choco milk tea from Bubbatealicious, my favorite, and some chocolate. Thank you sis! Love you. <3

Heard mass at the UST Santisimo Rosario church in the evening with Mom and Jaja. Then ate at Jollibee. I CELEBRATED MY 21ST BIRTHDAY AT JOLLIBEE. Ahuh!

And these lovely creatures totally made my birthday! Thank you for greeting me! I was up all March tweeting my boys from One Direction to tweet me a happy birthday, but I know that's impossible. But at least I tried.

So here's a photoset of my birthday tweets from Miggy and Calde of Chicosci, my favorite band of all-time and from Jeric, my ultimate UST basketball varsity crush since first year. Yaaay! My life is made! :)

I had some hard time replying to everyone on facebook but I got to reply to everyone! I rt'd and replied to everyone on twitter too, and instagram. Thank you lovely people! I love you all. :)

-Tinay xx

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