Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hunger Games

I've heard about it even before the movie is said to come out. I remember Mhatty, a co-math major who also loves Harry Potter, told me to read Hunger Games. He said that I would love it as much as I love Harry Potter. I kinda trusted him though coz we kinda have the same taste. I don't know, I was so busy back then and didn't get the chance to read the book.

At first I can't picture out the plot of Hunger Games. Mhatty explained it to me but I really can't. Haha! Or maybe my mind won't just picture it coz I wasn't interested back then.

Until a lot of people are insisting me to read the book. Now this, I really have to.

Told myself that I will read it first before watching it. Spent a couple of days reading it. And done!

From the moment I started reading it, my eyes just won't let me stop. My mind keeps telling my eyes, "don't get tired, you have to read some more." Yeah that one. I will tell myself, "just one last chapter then rest." But I couldn't. Haha.

Suzanne Collins has this ability to create the last paragraph in each chapter making you thirst for more. You know what I mean? Every ending of each chapter is hanging that you want to read the next chapter already coz you were so thirsty for what's going to happen next. You experience that too, huh?

I was a tad sad about the ending in the book though. About Peeta being angry to Katniss about the whole "pretending to be in love" thing. They didn't really show it in the movie though. I was hoping for a happy ending between Katniss and Peeta. I  thought they were going to end up together. Oh well. I just have to wait for that right moment to happen.

I am so inloooooove with Peeta Mellark's character. The way he's so in love with Katniss is so giddy! Now that's the kind of guy I want to end up with. Plus Josh Hutcherson's hot though. He fits the Peeta Mellark character perfectly. I love him. That's it.

What more can I say about Jennifer Lawrence playing the role of the girl on fire Katniss Everdeen. She just nailed it. She was meant to be Katniss.

I love everything about the Hunger Games. The plot, the twists, the characters, the lines, the cast in the movie, everything!

I can't wait for Catching Fire next year! But I haven't read the book yet. Loser me. I searched everywhere but the book's out of stock. Even the Mocking Jay book. It's tempting me already to just read a .pdf file.

The movie was great! I'd consider watching it again some time. :)

Here are some photos I took while I was reading.

I tweeted 2 days ago my favorite Katniss line: You don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope. Poor Avox girl.

Can't wait to read Catching Fire and Mocking Jay. I'll get my hands on those books soon! You'll see.

May the odds be ever in your favor. *raises the three middle fingers of my right hand*

-Tinay xx

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