Monday, April 16, 2012

25 Tasks for Self Esteem

Task/Day 1: Do not say anything bad about yourself all day.

Task/Day 2: Do not say anything bad about anyone else all day.

Task/Day 3: Look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t leave until you find five beautiful things. List them.

Task/Day 4: Listen to an uplifting sing each time you feel bad about yourself or think bad thoughts. Count the number of

times you have to do this.

Task/Day 5: Compliment yourself three times, each time you have a bad thought.

Task/Day 6: Show a part of your body that you are uncomfortable with.

Task/Day 7: Hug your friends and family.

Task/Day 8: Smile today. Remember, you’re beautiful inside and out.

Task/Day 9: Say “thank you” when someone says nice things to you. Say something nice back.

Task/Day 10: Don’t reject or downplay any thoughts or ideas you have. You’re not “stupid”.

Task/Day 11: Sing a song out loud to yourself, but not a sad song. The happiest song you can think of.

Task/Day 12: List five things you’re proud of.

Task/Day 13: List five “facts” about yourself. Ask two close friends to comment on all of your thoughts.

Task/Day 14: Think of three people you compare yourself to. STOP IT.

Task/Day 15: List ten good qualities about your personality.

Task/Day 16: Think of five bad things you’ve done, or big mistakes you’ve made. It’s time to forgive yourself.

Task/Day 17: Don’t say anything bad about yourself again. You do this too much, so you have to repeat this task.

Task/Day 18: Give every person you talk to a compliment.

Task/Day 19: Do things you love ALL day. DO NOT to anything you truly hate.

Task/Day 20: Praise yourself 10 times. List these praises. Don’t feel like you are bragging. You deserve this.

Task/Day 21: Think of five good things you’ve done. Remember THEM.

Task/Day 22: Look people in the eye. Why? You’ll learn more about them by seeing their faces.

Task/Day 23: Read an uplifting poem or book and think of it if you get down on yourself.

Task/Day 24: Let yourself experience the feelings you’ve always denied yourself.

Task/Day 25: Remember those good feelings and thoughts? Keep them. Forever.


Found this also on tumblr. These might help you to find your self esteem. Why don't you start with day 1 and see what happens? :)

-Tinay xx

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