Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Signs You're Headed for a Breakup

If your guy is suddenly saying no to potato chips and yes to the gym, you might want to ponder with whom, exactly, he’s envisioning sharing this revamped physique — it might not be you. And if you’ve been spending more time working out lately, you also might be contemplating the single life, according to a new study.

1. You don’t have anything to talk about. If you find yourself bored and disinterested, or feel like he’s not putting as much effort into conversations as he used to, Kerner says you’re in shaky territory.

2. You don’t care about the people who are important to him (and vice versa). If either of you starts showing a real lack of interest in your partner’s friends and family, or stops making an effort to do things that are important to the other person, that’s a clear sign at least one of you is checking out.

3. Someone’s suddenly a workaholic. ”Throwing yourself into work and making yourself a lot less accessible than you used to be,” says Kerner, “or doing anything, really, that upsets the schedule and rhythm the two of you might have established together” — is a clear warning sign.

4. You only seem to hang out in big groups. When romantic dinners for two turn into endless occasions for socializing, chances are there’s a reason you’re avoiding intimate moments as a couple.

5. You’re not supporting each other. Is he making underhanded or passive aggressive comments that chip away at your confidence and self-esteem? Or do you find yourself belittling him in front of his friends or denigrating his ideas? In a healthy couple, each partner has the other’s back.


I just found this on tumblr. Thought of sharing this to my readers. It might be helpful you know. :)

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