Sunday, April 1, 2012

EJ Send Off Party

March 21, 2012, we held our EJ send off party for the school year 2011-2012. Don't wanna say this but it was my last EJ event as a student of the College of Education.

We tipped off with the EIC's speech and updating everyone with the EJ 2's status. Then the turn-over.

It was fun being the Education Journal's photographer for 3 years and being the Arts Editor for a year. I seriously grew as a photographer with EJ. I learned a lot, not only with the skills but the values too.

To cut the long story short, after the turn-over, there was a little message from our adviser Dr. Santiago, two games headed by our Associate Editor Kitel which were really fun I must say. Go Team Balasubas! Hahaha. Then everyone's favorite part and an EJ tradition, pizza time!

All the graduating members of the EJ were given the chance to speak out to everyone their thoughts and share just anything about EJ at least before they leave. And yes, I was one of them. But I swear, I didn't care. Though I was about to! But I had to prevent myself to doing it so. Hahaha. My fellow graduating EJ members, I was touched with each of your speech. I will definitely miss each and everyone of you. You are a big part of my college life. :)

Thank you so much to each and every people that I shared my EJ-life with. You are the best family that I ever had in my college life! You guys made college life worth while. Thank you thank you so much! I am going to miss everyone! Especially the EJ office, prolly one of my best tambayans. :)

I'll  try to visit the EJ office as much as I can starting next school year. And just in case that you need my help, I'm always open to you guys.

And by the way, here's the last AVP that I did for EJ. It was supposed to be shown during the send off part but failed to because the LCD projector wasn't available that time. So here you go! This is just a slideshow of all the events that we had this school year regarding EJ. Some photos are not mine though.


-Tinay xx

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