Sunday, June 24, 2012

Green Berries: JU Collection

I don't know if you guys heard about my online shop called Green Berries, but we have a new set of items called the JU Collection and I am here to plug it! Haha. x

Here are some of the items found in our JU Collection.

Check out Green Berries on facebook to know which items are still available and how much each item cost.

Also please read this first before reserving/buying anything.

Don't worry, I'm friendly naman kaya we can talk about meet-ups or anything. Just contact me thru #GB's facebook.

#GB is also planning to do a giveaway very very soon. Keep on checking #GB's facebook or this blog for updates. :)

Plus #GB is starting a new set of bracelets. Watch out for it. SOON!

More surprises in store for you only from Green Berries <3

-Tinay xx


  1. Such cute items! Pa-sponsor sometime? :D Hehe.

    Join my EMO Jewelry giveaway here: