Thursday, June 28, 2012

Green Berries: DIY accessories

Hello cold world! Green Berries launches its first set of DIY accessories.

My blog readers will be the first ones to see our new set of items that are on sale.

As for today, these are our on-hand items. We made a few samples already and some of them are already on sale.

Here are the items that are on-hand, which means they are made already and are ready to wear.

I, Kristine/Tinay Bulatao, am the one who made all these. Can I get a yay? Haha. Wala lang. I feel so proud of myself to be able to still find time to make these.

So, the prices! The price of each will depend on the materials used. We will be posting these items on our facebook tomorrow together with the prices and stuff. Including in the post is the choices of materials you may want to choose from if you want to order from our DIY accessories.

Our DIY accessories are MADE-TO-ORDER, so contact us first beforehand.

Remember: Prices are not constant for it will change depending on the materials used in your accessories.

In the meantime, you can check out some of our items in our current collection, JU Collection, for items that are still available to purchase. :)

For questions/inquiries, please contact us on our facebook page. Thank you! And enjoy shopping!

-Tinay xx

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