Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I won from MYX!

One day, I read a tweet about MYX's contest for the Juan Directioners. As for me, I always join online contests, but I never win, not a single chance. So I told myself, why not? It's free to qualify and who knows? Among the thousands of screaming fans, I might win. But the chances are so low.

The question was pretty easy. They asked us to name the members of the band One Direction. I know right? Everyone is expected to know that.

I was the 5th to submit and enter the contest by the way. Haha. I think it was one April day when I joined.

One day, again, haha, May 30, I was at Metrobank with Mom to pay for Dad's credit card, my phone keep on vibrating. I don't want to look at it though cause we're inside a bank and I am not supposed to use it. But my Mom insists that I look at it that it might be something important. When I checked it, I got a message from MYX saying that I won a One Direction cd and a mini-standee. I almost screamed inside the bank but I got to hold myself. Hahaha. It would be so embarrassing.

Apparently, I have to claim my price by myself at their office. The allotted date and time of claiming is from June 5 to June 9 from 1 - 6pm. Their office is at ELJ communications building, Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City, 8th floor. I've never been there. This is another adventure, I told myself.

So today, after getting my papers done at UST, Mom and I went to ELJ to claim my prize. We had a few complications going to 8th floor because of the mataray ate at the front desk of ABS-CBN. I want to pull her fake eyelashes out! I was so pissed. Damn that girl.

But anyways, I got my prize. And that's what matters. :) x

Tadaaaa! I'm so happy! I am one happy One Direction fan. Yaaaay! This will be added to my One Direction merch-slash-collection. :) x

Thank you so much MYX! :)

And since we're already at the ABS-CBN building, we searched for the PBB house, ang bahay ni Kuya. Found it! I'm not a fan though but andito nako eh, why not? Picture lang naman eh.

- Tinay xx


  1. I want to pull her fake eyelashes out! I was so pissed. Damn that girl. <<<--- napatawa ako dito, mukha kasing di mo naman kayang gawin hehehehe

  2. Nice! Congrats. :)