Friday, June 29, 2012

Polaroid’s Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

As much as I miss taking photos or doing photoshoots, I really miss being a photographer. Much of you may be craving for food but please I am craving for this baby. I wish I have a decent paying job so I can get myself one of these. I want the white one! SO BAAAD!


Instagram has inspired a flurry of digital photo-sharing products like Instaglasses and Instaprint which offer views of the world through Instagram filters and the printing of bite-sized Instagram pictures, respectively, as well as renewed inspiration for retro-styled snapshots. But in spite of the app’s chicness, it’s sometimes nice to revert to the true old-fashioned days when Polaroids reigned supreme as an instant picture-taker and the super-computer was inconceivable even by imagination. For those days, Polaroid’s newest camera, the Z2300, combines the old with the new beautifully.

The Z2300 is a digital camera with the ability of instant printing, a concept that Pop Photo notes is “not a new concept for Polaroid” but believes is the company’s “most practical yet.” The 10 mega-pixel camera features a 3-inch LCD screen for reviewing images, a 6X zoom lens (which Pop Photo believes is actually digital), and a video capture, unique to the new device.

The video capture allows for HD, though Pop Photo clarifies this may only mean about 720p. Still, the capability is neat, and paired with 32 MB of storage that can be increased with an SD card and a flash drive with “five different firing modes,” the Z2300 is a pretty cool offering.

The camera also allows photographers to choose borders for their photos (like the retro Polaroid one), and lets one set the image quality and white balance.

Once all of these aspects are set and a picture is snapped, it is printed from the side of the camera on a two-by-three inch piece of paper. The Z2300 doesn’t use actual ink, rather its own technology called Zink which is activated automatically. The paper costs $.50 per sheet in bulk, while the camera itself runs for a reasonable $169 and will ship in August.

Like Instagram, Pop Photo believes that the Polaroid is less about the quality of the images than the way they are presented.

“This thing is basically a novelty, which will be great at parties but less-than-great for an overall photographic experience,” the blog writes.


Pretty, isn't it? My hands would look good with those between my fingers.

Times like this when I wish I was rich. Haha. But I'll come to that, I just have to study hard now and work harder later.

- You're friendly photographer,  Tinay xx


  1. Hiii! I want one too! HAHA Btw, I'm Mai! I love your blog! I'm from teentalk too and I saw the link of your blog there din. :) I'll be following you. Hope you can visit mine too ;)

  2. OMG I can't follow you pala kasi wala kang follow button sa page mo :(

    1. You can follow my blog manually nalang sa homepage ng blogger. :) Thank you by the way! And I just followed your blog. :) xx

  3. Is this true? Where to buy? :)

    1. Yupyup! I don't know if it's available in the Philippines already pero I think in outside countries it's available na. :)

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  5. would you know where I can buy this in the Philippines?