Friday, June 8, 2012

My One Direction merch

I know I'm not like other fans here who have been with them since their X-Factor days and only became a One Direction fan since January 2012, but seriously, I am a very very very huge fan of these boys. I don't have to be with them from the start but I know that I can be with them until the end.

Drama much. Haha. You might not understand me like any other fan girls out there but these boys have a huge effect in my life. It may not be visible with the naked eye but they really do. And I am thankful for it. There's no room for me to deny how much I love these boys.

So anyways, I would just like to share my own One Direction merch. These are just some of the thousands of One Direction merch around the world. Besides these, what I really want to have are the One Direction dolls.

I got this One Direction Up All Night Yearbook edition CD from my cousins Kuya Bryan and Yoyo from the US. I blogged about it here.

I pre-ordered my copy of One Direction UAN DVD online from Astrovision. 

And then I got these freebies from Astrovision! They didn't inform me that I am getting freebies, so I was surprised. Thank you Astrovision! :)

A One Direction dog tag.

Plus a huge One Direction Fan Party and DVD Launch poster. Yay! 

Remember how I got these? You can find it here. I got this One Direction mini-standee and cd for free! Because I won a MYX online contest. Horaaah!

So far these are my One Direction merch.

Basically, I got everything for free besides the DVD. I hope I can get more free merch. Hahaha. :)) x

When I get to find more One Direction merch and have too much for myself, I might do a giveaway or a contest. You'd love that right? Wish me luck in finding more 1D merch! You might just have one for yourself for free!

Now that One Direction dolls. Can't wait to get my hands on you! Plus the 1D concert in the Philippines, can't wait! No announcement yet so far but I'm pretty sure that they'll do a concert here. The boys have been noticing a lot of Filipino fans on twitter lately. And that's a sign!

Now playing: I Wish - One Direction <333

- Tinay xx

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