Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big time shopping

Can't remember the last time I went shopping for myself. It seemed that I always shopped for my shop but not for myself. It's about time I buy something for myself so I won't get left behind too.

Last weekend, almost everything is on sale! So I took advantage of it!

I spent like 1,200 pesos for books. And it felt like every peso didn't go to waste. 4 books from Fully Booked plus 3 books from Book Sale. Surprisingly I didn't get to visit National Bookstore which is really weird. Why didn't I really? But anyway, I'm so excited to read these books!

I bought a lot of clothes, accessories and shoes actually but I won't post photos of them. Some of you might think that I'm bragging or showing off the new stuff I bought. Instead here's just some of them. I'm not that fashionable but somehow I feel like leveling up my fashion sense. Horah!

And my first ever Jansport bag! Wohooo! Love it! It's so green! <3

I know it's too much but I know it's all worth it. This is a one time big time shopping spree for me. The next time that I will be able to do this again is maybe years from now. Plus I earned the money I spent! Worked my ass off to get that money and this is my reward. :)

What did  you get on last week's payday sale? Share yours too! :)

-Tinay xx


  1. You should try shopping at :) You can also use the voucher code WonderWoman120 to get 5% off anytime you shop there. :)

  2. Cool!! I love books too as well as fashion.. and I am a huge fan of booksale.. (can't afford fully booked yet haha!)I always see that book "A Wedding in December" by Anita Shrieve.. hmm.. I guess I need to buy one too! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

    1. Fully Booked was on sale so I took advantage of it. Haha. I haven't started reading it yet but I think it's pretty good. Thanks dear! :) xx