Sunday, July 29, 2012


I remember tweeting last night that I will blog my own #ThingsThatReallyTurnMeOn instead of tweeting them. So here yah gow!

1. Musically inclined.
Like, who wouldn't be? Music is the way to my heart <3

2. Sports inclined.
Besides music being the first, sports is the second way to my heart. My favorite sports will be volleyball, basketball and football.

3. Can play the drums.
Such a turn on! Most guys can play the guitar which is really common already kaya I prefer a guy who can play the drums.

4. Can dance or playfully dance.
If he can really dance well that's good but if you look cute or playful when you dance, that'll be fine. Don't care if you can sing or not, I cannot myself either.

5. Walks with his hands in his front pockets.
That. Looks. So. Hot. Without even putting too much effort in it.

6. Wears snap backs.
Especially the colorful or light neon ones.

7. Doesn't call other guys gay.
Just proves to himself that he himself is not gay.

8. Who reads.
Nothing beats a guy with a huge sense of humor.

9. Who has a thing for dogs.
I have a very soft spot for dogs. And if he's a dog lover, then he's definitely a keeper.

10. Close bond with his family and with God.
They way he treats his family will reflect on how he will treat me, so it all goes back to where he came from. Plus the faith he has for God. :)

I'm not describing Harry Styles here but he definitely is a perfect example of my kind-of-guy. He's obviously music inclined. He's also sports inclined since he plays football and is really good at it but currently he's really into playing golf. He can play a little drums, but this one's more of a Josh Devine inspired one. Trust me, Harry Styles can dance, he just denies it. His hands, always in his front pockets. He doesn't wear too much snap backs unlike Zayn and Niall but he always wear beanies which is cool. Calling other guys gay, I'm not sure bout this but I don't think he has called anyone gay for serious matters. He reads but not really novels. He doesn't even know what Hunger Games is all about for God's sake! Hahaha. He likes dogs but he prefers pussy. Oooooh. And yes, he stays close with his family even during their tour. :)

Are you my own Harry Styles? <3

-Tinay xx


  1. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I really love it! Especially this post. (:
    Ahh Harry Styles! One Direction!! Definitely a slightly guilty pleasure group for me, since I'm around their age / probably older. XD
    Also, I like a lot of your #thingsthatreallyturnmeon. Especially the can dance, loves dogs, and loves reading ones.
    ♥ xixia |

    1. I know right? One Direction is a true example of guilty pleasure. Haha. Don't worry babe, I'm as older as them. 21 perhaps. :)
      Thanks for dropping by! Hope you drop by again some time.

  2. I'd go for number 1, 2, and 10....we can follow each other...xx!