Sunday, July 1, 2012

Movie suggestion: My Dog's Christmas Miracle

I wasn't supposed to see this movie but I got caught up.

This evening, after my sister and I came from the church we bought some isaw to have something to munch on. We decided to eat in front of our tv and not on the dining table. Jaja opened the television and searched through the channels and came across Fox movies.

We both got caught up with the title typed at the top, "My Dog's Christmas Miracle." It's about a dog! Awwww.

You guys have no idea how much we love dogs. We both have this very very soft spot for dogs. They're just so adorable!

It was 6:30 in the evening where we just sat there watching the movie while busy eating the isaw. We kept on saying, "Awwww," "So cuuuute!" "Doggieee!" Trust me, the main character, the dog, is sooooooooo cute!

She's a white Maltese named Cinnamon. Such a cutie.

Jaja and I still got stuff to do but forgot about it because of this dog. Hahaha. Didn't realize it was already 8 in the evening, only after the movie was done.

It was a very entertaining movie, considering that you are a dog lover. So if you are a dog lover, I suggest you watch this movie. It was a 2011 movie by the way, so it's barely new.

Here are some screen caps of Cinnamon baby.

Isn't she such a cutie? :)

Also a screen cap of some scenes from the movie.

In case this might help, here's the official trailer of the movie.

Will you watch it?

-Tinay xx

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