Monday, July 16, 2012

David Cook live in Manila 2012

I have always been a fan of Mr. David Cook, ever since his American Idol days. I watch it everytime it airs on television. I also preferred him than David Archuleta. And was absolutely happy when they announced that the winner of the American Idol season 7 was none other than David, and of course, David Cook!

Just in case some of you do not know how he got into American Idol, I will narrate it briefly. He didn't really enter for American Idol. It was his brother who joined American Idol. But David was asked by the judges back then, I think it was the last year where Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were there, to sing. And he got in! And from then on he improved and was announced the winner of the 7th season of the American Idol. Talk about getting lucky!

It was 2008 when he won the American Idol. In 2009, David Cook together with David Archuleta came to Manila for a one night concert in the SM MOA concert grounds. Tell you guys, I was there! Yup! I was at that concert! Haha. Told you I was a fan since then. :))

Actually, my Ninang Peeyay here is the one who is soooooooo hook up with David Cook. She's responsible for bringing me to these David Cook concerts. But I'm actually glad and happy about it. No regrets, just love. <3

I was so happy when I heard about the news that David Cook is coming back to Manila. Immediately bought our tickets to the show online and voila! We're ready!

The day has finally arrive. I'm very very very sorry for the very very low-res photos. I was having a hard time fighting against the lights. :/

Hope he comes back for the 3rd time and I wouldn't miss it in the world! :)

-Tinay xx

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