Monday, September 17, 2012

So much work. So little motivation.

No blog post in a week! Been very very busy these past few days.

I was in and out of everything apparently. Even though in twitter, I barely update, just quotes but not too much personal stuff.

This will be a quick one since I still have to study for my chem lec quiz tomorrow.

Let me show you why I was so busy these past few days through my Instagram photos, though they do not quite describe how busy I was/am, at least they're still a bit helpful for you to picture it out.

  • Had to review for LET as it is fast approaching already. And I've been getting low scores based on my review book which is really depressing. :((
  • Tried to make pancakes again. It's been years since I made my last pancakes and I kind of forgot how to make them. Haha. So I'm bringing back the old times.
  • Went to "Heaven" twice last week. More new stuff!
  • No constant progress on reading Fifty Shades Freed. I had like 4 to 5 days without reading it. It's frustrating how I don't have time to read considering it's my favorite past time nowadays.
  • It was the guidance councilor's week 2 weeks ago they said, that's why they have Krispy Kreme booth inside the main building. Got to buy one of my favorites, Snickers!
  • Friday traffic as usual.
  • Yellow on a Saturday coz it's a UST game ball day! Watched the game against UP. Thank God UST came back and won the game. I'm almost at the verge of losing hope! Haha.

  • I was busy doing my power point presentation for my first talk ever. It's about photography and arts. I blogged about it here.
  • I also did a quick product shoot for Green Berries.
  • Errands and more errands plus Chicosci on GGV.
  • Monday volleyball at UST.
  • Finally! Had to brew coffee again! I miss using our coffee maker. Plus it's Starbucks coffee I'm brewing now. Yay!
  • Chem lab experiments which turned out pretty well considering how much I love Harry Potter that it felt like we were in Snape's potion class.
  • Got my new lens cup already! Yaaay!

  • Watched the UST-ADMU game last Saturday with my sister. Besides getting lost, we had a very hard time getting home because of the rain madness that night.
  • Thank God Sir Yambao was absent last Thursday so I was able to do important errands using his free cut.
  • Still working on my power point.
  • The talk was cancelled. It was a good call anyway. The weather was really really bad. It even flooded here at our place.

Besides all that stuff:

  • Green Berries has been getting a lot of orders these few weeks. Which is a very good news! My online business is starting to grow. :)
  • I am still a student. So I have school responsibilities which I need to prioritize too. I have experiments, homeworks and quizzes.
  • My iPod is working badly on me. :( I don't know why. It's been nagloloko lately. All my songs and books got deleted by itself! WTF. Really. Now I have to sync them all over again. :((
  • But so far, the UAAP schedule is working good on me, besides Thursday though coz I got classes till 4:30 in the afternoon. But it's all good.
  • I can't go out with my friends. I miss hanging out. I feel so left out already.

SO MUCH WORK. SO LITTLE MOTIVATION. The quote I'm living in at the moment.

I swear after the LET on Sept.30 and my finals on October, I will be living my life! I'm gonna party hard! Hahaha. But with limits, still. I'm going to get the break I deserve.

That's it! Gotta rush! Still gotta study for my chem lec quiz tomorrow. Hope classes don't get suspended, AGAIN, coz I really hate it when I study then there's no classes I tend to forget what I studied! Haha. :))

Byers. x


  1. awww it definitely looks like you've been super busy. good luck with the LET. =)

    1. Yea. Sounds more like that :)
      Aww. Thank you dear.