Monday, September 24, 2012

Signum: The EJ Campus Journalism Seminar

Posted a blog about it before the talk, here.

Basically, I just had my first ever photography and arts talk. Me, speaker? I mean yes! First ever! And I'm very happy about it. Thank you so much Education Journal for the wonderful experience. I'm just hoping that it'll not be my last though. Haha. I looooove sharing what I know, especially when it comes to stuff where I know I am very knowledgeable of. I don't know, my experience in EJ has taught me well. :)

But before I show you some of the happenings at the seminar, let me show you what I wore. Parang fashion blogger eh noh? Haha. I rarely wear something very girly! I'm a t-shirt-shorts-sneakers kind of girl. So, here's a photo of me wearing a skirt for a change. Don't fret. Just laugh. Hahaha. :))

I'm the second speaker so here's Rommel, the first speaker who talked about News and Features Writing.

As for me, I don't have any photo of me while I'm having my talk. :(( My camera's with me because I need it once in a while to demo some of the techniques chorva. So unfortunately, you know. But here's one of the techniques/tips/effect that I showed the audience, the burst effect, one of my personal favorites.

After my talk was lunch at the EJ office. I miss this kind of scenery!

Say hello to the new EJ faces! :)

Meet the speakers.

Speaker after lunch is Jayvee, na Christian Grey ang peg ng outfit. He shared a lot of knowledge about layout-ing and design. I learned a lot though, since I'm also into layout and design stuff.

Jayvee isn't the last speaker by the way, it's Kent. But I wasn't able to attend to his talk because I need to go home immediately for reasons I won't tell you. =p Haha.

Meet EJ's editor-in-chief, Ralph Sekito and the two project heads of Signum, Will Perin and Marijoe Banson. Good job guys!

Here's my own certificate pala! Yaaaaay! I love it so much! Nice one Will and Marijoe! Harry Potter inspired pa talaga kaya I love it so much! Huge Potterhead here! Haha. :) Plus here's my check too! But I blurred the amount though. Sosyal naka check. Haha. :))

Had so much fun! It was a great pleasure to share my knowledge to where I got it. Just returning back the favor.

Thank you so much Education Journal! I miss everyone! :)

Your photographer and arts editor,
Tinay xx


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  2. i love your skirt and your necklace! and wow! Thonmasian ka din? cool! :))
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