Thursday, September 20, 2012

UST-ADMU Round 2

I almost forgot to blog about this already. Sorry. Haha. Been veeeeeeery busy lately with school, Green Berries and LET preparation.

Going back, it was a very crucial game for our team. Unfortunately, we did not make it. We were short for just quite a bit! There were a lot of tough calls during the game where it favors the other team a lot, that's why the referees of that game were currently suspended. See? There should be a rematch really!

If I write more about this game I'll just be nagging on how and why we lost. That's why I will just post photos of the game instead. PLUS! I finally brought my SLR! Wohoo! So expect high-res basketball photos. Yay! :)

And today, our boys just won against the UE Red Warriors. Now we're back on the 2nd spot with the FEU Tamarraws. Our final spot will just depend on how the NU-FEU match on Sunday will turn out. Hope NU wins though so we're solo on the 2nd spot and will have a twice-to-beat advantage. If FEU wins on Sunday, we'll have to deal with FEU again for 2nd spot. And we won't let that happen right? So, let's go NU! Hahaha :)

Till our next ball game,
Tinay xx