Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Band talk

Currently top 2 trending topic on Twitter, #top10favouritebands.

You don't know me at all if you don't know that I'm a huge fan of bands. And when I say bands I mean boys who play guitars, bass and drums, not those boys who only sing and make pacute.

I tell you, being in a band makes you a lot hotter and cooler. I swear that's the truth.

I would not want naman to flood my timeline on twitter just to post who my favorite bands are. Decided to just do a blog about it. Since I think it's a very interesting topic too.

Actually, I have a lot of favorite bands. Top 3 on my list are the most accurate, while from 4-10 are not in particular order.

10. A Rocket to the Moon
I like their song Mr. Right and Like We Used To. Santino looks good too, besides that he can sing very well.

9. McFly
Growing up with them! First saw them in a movie with Lindsay Lohan, Just My Luck. All of em looked good! Especially Dougie! Haha. I like their songs Obviously and My Girl.

8. My Chemical Romance
Why not?! MCR reminds me of my high school days. They were a huge part of it! I like their songs Teenagers, Helena, The Black Parade and lot more!

7. Linkin Park
Way way back elementary days! They are legendary! I can still remember how I discovered Linkin Park. I saw this cassette somewhere in our sala, tried to play it on the radio and there you have it, I started listening to Linkin Park. My favorites are One Step Closer, Points of Authority, In the End and so much more!

6. New Found Glory
I love how they remake a lot of songs to punk rock of their own style. There is something with this band that makes me want to listen to their cover than the original. My favorites are The Glory of Love and My Friends Over You. Plus Hayley's boyfriend is from NFG.

5. Hey Monday
Because I love Cassadee! She has an amazing high voice. She's pretty cool rocker girl too. I love their songs Candles, Homecoming, How You Love Me Now and 6 Months and their cover of Jason Derulo's In My Head, perfect!

4. Parokya Ni Edgar
Of course,  they're a legend to the Philippine music. My favorite since I learned about bands. Who would not like them anyway? I think every Filipino should know them. Almost all of their songs are my favorites! Especially, One and Only You, Pangarap Lang Kita, Inuman Na and more more more!

I'm inlove with Stephen James Gomez, the dear bassist of this swag band. Learned about them on Tumblr. Noticed that most posts I saw on Tumblr is about this The Summer Set band so out of curiosity, I listened to one of their songs, Passenger Seat. Few days after, I found myself downloading their album. I even had their album in repeat for a couple of weeks. My favorite songs from them are Passenger Seat, Punch Drunk Love and Chelsea.

No questions asked. It's Chicosci beybi! My one and only. I love Chicosci from the bottom of my heart. You know that. I've seen them perform live a number of times already and I can say that with the way they perform live, no doubt they've gone this far. They played music outside the country many times already, only proves that they really are good. I am a huge fan of Chicosci since high school and I think I can sing along to any of the Chicosci songs. These guys are so talented! They are to die for. My favorite songs, all I guess but the best would be 7 Black Roses, Sweet Maria and Breathe Again. <3

Best. Band. Ever! Spent a huge amount of my own money just to see them live in Manila. I have to! It may be the first and last, but hopefully not, time I'd see them live. I swear I was close to having a heart attack the time Hayley was on stage. That would be the greatest band concert I've been to, so far. So Paramore, I love Hayley! Hands down to this lady. She has this amazing, strong, husky voice that I envy and would love to have too. Taylor and Jeremy are awesome too. Paramore is nothing without them two. I have to admit, I kinda miss the Farro brothers, Josh and Zac. But nonetheless, Paramore is still doing great even without the two. My favorite song of all time is That's What You Get by Paramore. I love all their songs. All are my favorite!

What bands do I listen to? Coheed and Cambria, Alesana, Kamikazee, Franco, Urbandub, Tanya Markova, Silent Sanctuary, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, All Time Low, The Maine, Blink 182, Simple Plan and lot lot lot more!

Bands, best thing that ever happened to the world of music.

-Tinay xx

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