Saturday, July 9, 2011

Made me cry

Half of my life belongs to Harry Potter. 10 years! I'll always love you Harry Potter.

Tim Yap posted this video on twitter and found myself watching it.

Can't believe that it will all end very soon.

What really made me cry was when Alan said, "Boys and girls of Hogwarts, it’s time to say goodbye to two of your finest Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers" Which only means, it's time to say goodbye to Hogwarts. :((

Hagrid saying goodbye to everyone with a big vow.

Bellatrix giving everyone a round of applause.

When Ron enumerated the things he will miss about Harry Potter, the people, the place and everything about it. And he said, "It has been 10 years."

When Hermoine said, "I couldn't put it into words." Especially when she said, "We were the chosen one. We were." *sobs all over*

When Harry stood to everyone and thanked every one of them that Harry Potter has always been a part of him.

And lastly, when Harry, Hermoine and Ron were hugging one another. And a clip of them from HP1 to HP7. AWWWWWWWWWWW. There goes my childhood.


-Tinay xx

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