Friday, July 1, 2011


My own teaching experience.

I spent my last 3 weeks as a teacher. Who would have thought that I would go this far? Neither do I.

I shared my first teaching experience with a class of 4th year students. I taught Trigonometry to 4-Respect.

At first I didn't know what to do because it's obviously my first time. Come to think that I'll be handling 49 4th year students. Take note, 4th year students!

It really was a big challenge for me. But with God's help, I was able to surpass it peacefully.

And today, I had my last day with my 4th year students.

And I never thought that I'd miss them. Awwww.

My dear 4Respect, you're noise is uncontrollable.
You always complain about our performance task.
You always bargain to move the submission date.
You always ask permission to go the comfort room.
You always have a number of absentees.
You always have a messy classroom.
But whatever it is that you always do, I love you guys.
You gave me a worth-remembering first teaching experience.
And I'm glad I had to share it with you my dear 4Respect.

I learned to love my class just within the span of 3 weeks. They may had given me a hard time but they were short notice only. They were just minor cases and not a huge pain really.

I'll never, ever, ever, ever forget this wonderful experience and the lesson I learned from it. And there's a ton of things I learned about being a teacher. Especially that feeling when you learned that classes were suspended because of typhoon and you were disappointed because you were supposed to have a discussion on that day and that you will be delayed already. Yah, been there.

From what I know of, I had fun teaching. :)

I will miss you 4R! With all my power, I am hoping to be your teacher again. At least for another 3 weeks of 4th quarter maybe. Thank you very much! You taught me a lot! I hope you learned something from me. Always remember, BE QUIET! Haha. I love you 4Respect! <3

-Tinay xx

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