Monday, July 11, 2011

HP and the Goblet of Fire

I personally love this specific Harry Potter movie among the 7 Harry Potter movies. It is this movie that made me love Harry Potter more. :)

Reasons why:
1) I saw a different Hogwarts. Besides the magic, there was a ball and a tournament that most schools do. In this movie, Hogwarts looked like more than just a wizard and witchcraft school. It was a different world in Hogwarts.

2) Cedric Diggory was there. *crush crush crush* :'>

3) More and more characters were shown like the girls and boys from the two different wizard and witchcraft schools namely, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for the ladies and Durmstrang for the boys.

4) Ron got jealous! He couldn't stand seeing Hermoine and Viktor Krum together. He's so cute when he's jealous. Haha.

5) Voldemort! It was the first time that Voldemort was seen. It was the first time Harry and Voldemort were able to see each other vis-a-vis.

6) And lastly, the magic. Aaah I love magic. Especially the tent. It's so cool! Even Harry said, "I love magic." The quidditch world cup. The dragons. The black lake. The maze. The graveyard. The goblet of fire.

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-Tinay xx

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