Sunday, July 24, 2011

BSE Retreat

Guess I was all tamad last week to make a blog post about our splendid retreat.

And still tamad to do so, instead I made a 3-minute and 18-second clip of my photos from our retreat.

Let's talk about the experience.

I was so stoke to go to the venue already because Caleruega was the place I chose for me and Miggy to have our wedding. Project thingy. And tada! I was there. Tinay was there! And I'm with the whole BSE family. :)

From my past retreat experiences, I can say that retreats never failed to make me cry. And this retreat didn't prove me wrong.

Everything was so solemn. I love the place! Nature forever calms me down. I second that.

To sum things up, here's the video!

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