Thursday, July 7, 2011

4E2 Class picture

Yesterday we had our LAST class picture, 4E2! Together with my co-Math majors and Science majors and our adviser Mam De Leon.

Fun fun fun! I didn't get to be in the class picture on my first year because I was in the hospital because of dengue when they took their class picture. Bummer. Haha.

Let's go back to the past... Uhmm, I can't find a copy of our 2nd year's class picture. If ever I find soon, I'll just update this post but for now here's our class picture last year, 3rd year.

Spent two years with the TLE majors. And we'll be spending our last year with the Science majors.

Are we forgetting something? Of course! The Math majors! We ourselves! 3 years together! :D

Good luck to all of you guys! I wish you all the best, especially when you guys become teachers already. Dontcha forget meh! :)

Last two photos are not official.

Hi Cloude and Cenen! I miss you! You'll always be my boys. :)

-Tinay xx

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